¿Y el anillo pa’ cuándo?

¿Y el anillo pa’ cuándo?

It all started nine years ago, when Jannik Olander had a life-changing experience while traveling through India, where he met a shaman, called Nialaya, that profoundly changed his life. Shortly after, the Los Angeles based Danish designer started making bracelets and necklaces in his Hollywood Hills garage.

His “handmade in Hollywood” jewelry line was symbolically named Nialaya rings as a tribute to the wise man who inspired him.

Today, Nialaya is a go-to brand for handcrafted, unique beaded bracelets, necklaces and rings with a deep spiritual touch. Alessandra Ambrosio, Justin Bieber, Eva Longoria, Beyoncé and Olivia Palermo are just some of the brand’s celebrity fans.

Nialaya ring

Nialaya’s jewelry isn’t just stunning, it’s also created with a strong passion for spiritual healing and natural energy, with each stone being chosen for its healing powers.

Tiger Tooth, Evil Eye, Hamsa Hand… Nialaya rings, with the same spiritual touch as any of Jannik’s designs, are crafted from solid silver or stainless steel, with 18k gold finish, and adorned with sparkling CZ diamonds.

¿Y el anillo pa’ cuándo?

No need to answer. A girl can have one of these (wear solo or stacked) every time she feels like it.

Nialaya accessories

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