Gary Lockwood in action: Versace Chain Reaction as work of art

Gary Lockwood in action: Versace Chain Reaction as work of art

Imagine for a while that Donatella Versace herself sends you a pair of red Chain Reaction sneakers, designed by Salehe Bembury for Versace. What would you do?

While some of us would most certainly jump for a while and capture the moment for some sneaker love spreading Instagram story and others would put them where these babies, already worn by 2 Chainz, Alicia Keys, Teyana Taylor, Ruby Rose, Missy Elliott, Ghali, Migos and many more belong – on the shelf in the living room with the rest of our beloved pieces or art, Gary Lockwood takes the parts and pieces and creates his 179th sneaker mask!


With a great passion for art, graffiti, hip-hop and kicks, Gary Lockwood is known for creating gas masks out of coveted sneakers, he deconstructs, turing them into true works of art.

Asking yourself why gas masks?

“Mask making is an ancient art form and I look to link our modern times to this ancient art”, he shares: “The gas mask is the mask of our times, it represents atrocities at war, civil unrest, environmental damnation and works both as a symbol of fear and of protection. It also tips its hat to the keepers of the graffiti flame who wore/wear respirators and masks to protect their lungs from their poisonous art of choice. The ties to Hip-Hop’s original art form deepen when we examine the language within graffiti- the act of painting renamed “bombing” solidified the warlike nature of the art form”.

Head to his site for more pictures and more masks!

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