Disney x Coach Special Edition: A Dark Fairy Tale

Disney x Coach Special Edition: A Dark Fairy Tale

The series of successful collaborations between Disney and Coach continues. This time, the dynamic duo teamed up for a special-edition collection where everyone, even Snow White and Prince Charming, wear hoodies.

Coach and Disney joined forces for the third time, creating a collection that, as its name implies, focuses on the dark side of the stories we all know and love.

Disney Coach A Dark Fairy Tale

Coach is re-contextualizing motifs from Disney’s classics Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Sleeping Beauty, giving them edgy, gothic twist in their own distinctive manner (think Evil Queen’s poisoned apple or Maleficent’s Forbidden Mountains castle).

“I have always loved Disney – both the movies and the fantasy worlds created that have captured my imagination for many decades. It was fun to explore the darker side of these stories and mix Disney’s nostalgic charm with Coach’s creativity to bring my memories from these fairy tales to life within our world of accessories and ready-to-wear. The Disney spirit truly reinforces the new youthful perspective we are bringing to luxury at Coach.”

Stuart Vevers, Coach Creative Director

Disney Coach

Happy? Sleepy? Grumpy? Dopey?…

Disney x Coach special edition is full of tees, sweats, hoodies and arm candies to match your current mood.

Undecided? Wear’em in pairs!

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