Candles with soul: Life like works of art, hand-carved in Taiwan

Candles with soul: Life like works of art, hand-carved in Taiwan

Candle addict? Or just looking for a unique gift? Look no more.

Founded in 2012, Eye Candle Studio represents a vision of two brothers, Kevin and Yuan who put their soul into creating the most life-like candles you can imagine.

Each of the scented candles is entirely hand crafted. From the initial concept to the finished work of art. Before being hand-carved into clay, the life of every design starts with a meticulous drawing. The clay models are transformed into silicone molds that will give the final shape to the wax candles. All of them are made using 100% pure paraffin wax, blended essential oils and cotton fibers wicks.

The last but definitely not least step is coloring. A team of specially trained artisans at the boutique workshop hand paint each piece, adding layer by layer of color to create Eye Candle Studio signature life-like masterpieces, easily mistaken for real animals.

If you want to make a pug or a French bulldog owner happy, just get them a wax doppelganger of their beloved pet. Beside cute puppies, the animal collection includes cats, monkeys and even goldfish.

Eye Candle Studio’s Lab Collection features a series of creepy-but-cool anatomy-inspired art, including Heart in Jar, presented in (surprise, surprise) lab glass specimen jar like container. CaryBaby Candle, one of the most popular styles, is another amazing gift or home décor idea.

With their unique design and captivating scent, these little works of art with soul will bring a cool touch to any living space.

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